DM 7025 | 600 | 500+DreamEnum 0.9

DreamEnum is small tool to flash images into Dreambox via web interface. The boxes must be in the secondstage by holding the low-button when for DM7025 and the power-button for DM600/500+.

DreamEnum finds the boxes independently from the IP-Addresses with DHCP servers since it works over UDP-Broadcasts.

  • Re-Discover
    sends a renewed inquiry after box in the net if one wants to embark a box later.
  • Open...
    opens the Web-interface.
  • Flash image, Info and Configure
    starts a Telnet-Connection into the Setup.
  • Set IP
    puts the current IP of the box again on the set value.


Dreamenum V0.9 19-12-2010 0.01 MB 0